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. >> of first, the deepening ripple effect caused by a the superstore known as sandy. the other major issue the tens of thousands of customers are still in the dark here in our region. the vast majority is in northern virginia. petco tells us that they have restored many. sandy is blamed for 48 deaths and financial analysts say that the storm is responsible for $20 billion in property damage as well as an additional $30 billion in lost business. we will begin tonight with a problem that is getting worse and could last for days. area wide flooding. we were there as streets turned into rivers in upper marlboro and old town alexandria. >> part of keen street behind me is fine. but look what happened to other parts, under water tonight and it has been under water for hours. you're looking at a block from where the potomac river usually is. it overflowed its banks tonight. you see what happened. what a difference television makes. a few feet lower for me to flooding. the water got to about here. but the sand bags helped keep the water from coming in. a lot of folks around here are a little nervo
>>> hurricane sandy is already starting to have a major impact on our area. president obama signed off an emergency declaration for maryland and one for the district. and this comes as schools are closed and federal workers are told to stay home. amtrak has cancelled it's southeast service. we want to get straight to meteorologist on where hurricane sandy is now. >> the one thing folks have been hearing about this for days and it is just beginning. here are the headlines that i want everybody to focus on. the storm is beginning the worst of it around the washington area, that is the rains and wind t. flooding will be tomorrow and the flood risk will continue for several days from small streems but also as winds kick into the south for folks around the bay. this is for several days. toveble travel decruppingses they will be continuing and the power outages because the leaves are coming down, those may only be moderate and i will see our winds kicking from the northwest as this storm moves by. here is the regional radar and i can s
korff is live. hurricane sandy has claimed over 100 lives in the caribbean up the jersey coast. tonight, one here in maryland lopez.e loss of santiago the destructive force can be seen in yards up and down annapolis. yard, family front and friends gathered to prayer after sandy claimed yet another life. working here and got killed because a tree fell on him. oldhis dear friend, 50-year- lopez, was working y afternoon with a company in theg storm debris backyard of a residence when its came down directly on him. killing him instantly. he had four children. >> his son watched in horror as , an experienced with 10 years of service with the same company, lost his life. the storm catches many people's lives. touched a life in a much serious note. that is what we have got here tonight, a very tragic accident. >> there seems to be a tragic accident -- it happened in the work place setting. state officials are investigating circumstances incident.g the >> thank you. is blamed for at deaths in the u.s. his death is the third in maryland. sandy is responsible for two in virginia. thedy was killed
sandy causing across the region. a closer look at the damage that the storm has caused. >> it has multiplied in the past hours, i canvassed maryland which the latest on the destruction. evening wore on and intensified, we heard of damageore reports the area. this is one of those real critical near misses. at this enormous 100 old tree. the owners said this is history, down.ated that it came it barely missed these homes here, came across cathedral barely hit one of these here, that is the only have out here as the wind continues to blow. the wind howls and the water surges. a terrifying force monday night into the d.c. region. over in our backyard hockey go a aall, it sounded like train coming. a huge tree fell. treesg more aging the home will topple. they pushed where they will take shelter. >> if i can help a neighbor, i will help them out. >> this behemoth storm surprised us anyway. in northwest washington, a tree came down, slicing off a portion of another. condemned house, at that time who -- >> we are fighting. >> they were direct hits and near misses. the home escaped severe
getting ready fu9 ÷q9té8r >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> it is all about sandy as it goes closer and closer to an impact with the east coast. people are bracing for the worst. sit in the path of this monster storm that will keep us all on edge all weekend long. warnings are in effect for the district, maryland, and several other states. people all up and down the east coast are getting their homes ready. the storm has already taken 40 lives in the caribbean. we have teamed coverage for you. we have a look at all of the preparations under way. our senior meteorologist is here with that important 11:00 advisory. >> it is still a minimal hurricane. the one thing i want emphasize is as we go through the weekend, you will it decreasing in intensity. let me show you the satellite picture. there, you can see how it is interacting with the coastline and bringing in a bit of dry air. there is the circulation. here is what is important. see that area of rain showers? that is the front. that is the upper level jet stream that will be driving to the east and really picking
more tomorrow. >> a busy night to their in nw. now, the track of hurricane sandy. it is causing a number of problems. up and down the east coast. team coverage, richard reeves with the impact of the storm. >> the problems will only days asver the coming storm, with their sandy or system, really pummeled the mid-atlantic. this game aing and witht of steam winds about 75 miles per hour the north.ards it is expected to make a quick sharp turn toward the west. this is what has many of us concerned a round of the mid atlantic from jersey to ocean city. where some of the storm ate taking the landfall. is where the winds are to pick up along with very rain and upwards of three- 6 inches of rain. the time the system goes on of here. we will talk above the latest as well as what to expect, the wind advisory has r the belld fo atlantic. r where we get all the from.mission tracking planes were sent into of them.r kris van cleave had an opportunity to take an aids hour flight. tell us about your experience. it is a fairly large aircraft. they play into the middle of the aircraft. made four
one week ago our a marathon was threatened by sandy. seen what happened in new york. -- in their a marathon is by it.ned >> we will not be conducting 2012 new york city marathon. >> the largest marathon in the world became a victim. they hoped it would be a chance honor the city and held those struggling with ford. there will be difficult days those who have trained all year. clucks a unifying new york wasntage that controversial. like this one created outrage. budget a raider's set out along running route 1 thousands have power.not o works at a running going to go up to new see his friend it. >> these people who are suffering, give them a chance to captivated until the moment it. up with tim hanson. says cancelling the marathon the right thing to do. to sen. if they postpone it for a s.uple of week and just to show the culture -- would be cool. >> the marathon has been cancelled. runners will try to out what to do it now in the city. >> four days and counting before day.ion to that both candidates hoped numbers will help fuel their campaign. one day before campaign,
report on the the biggestin trouble spots. it is another chilly night. the effects of sandy -- eventually, there will be some sunshine coming back. well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. >> >> you are watching abc 7 is harris, with leon nlison starling, bob rya brant ,> dealing with hurricane sally mcdonnell is facing a new problem tonight. somebody broke into two beach homes he owns. at least two televisions or stolen in the burglaries. the suspects did not target the governor's property. these were random occurrences. >> now, we turn to the aftermath following the super storm. things are back to normal for f us, people living from jersey on the way to new york city are dealing with the e of the rain, wind, and flooding. welch joins us. what are the biggest improvements to have seen in the cleanup efforts? for anow, i have to say people to enter a new be thety, that would was that the subway today up and running. d running in aan
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8